April 24th, 2014, Cultural Praxis and the Reimagining of Gendered and Sexual Lives (Leeds)

Cultural Praxis and the Reimagining of Gendered and Sexual Lives, April 24th, 2014, 1.00 to 6.00pm: The Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Leeds

This seminar will explore the role of community generated (sub)cultural forms and practices on understandings and practices of gender and sexuality. By drawing on a range of cultural mediums, including film, photography and performance, the seminar will foreground cultural processes as mediums through which to re-imagine possibilities of living gendered and sexual lives.   


Arrivals and coffee (13.00-13.30)

Session one (13.30-15.15):

Sally Hines (University of Leeds): Beyond Liberation and Loss: Retelling gendered and sexual stories through a cultural politics of difference

Alison Rooke (Goldsmiths): From the Spectacular to the Everyday: The public issues and private troubles of queer lives

Caroline Walters (Middlesex University): Moustached Femme: Expanding Genderqueer and Femininity

Break (15.15-15.30)

Session two (15.30-17.15):

Alexa Athelstan (University of Leeds): Reimagining Gender?: intersectional approaches to queer femininities

Sara Davidmann (Goldsmiths): Ken. To be destroyed

Jason Barker (London-based Filmmaker): The Millennium Man and other stories

Discussion and close (17.15-18.00).


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