May 30th, 2014, Transforming Citizenships? (Newcastle)

Transforming Citizenships? Friday May 30th, 2014, 1.00-6.00 pm: Research Beehive, Newcastle University

The relationship between sexuality, gender and citizenship, and the construction of concepts of sexual and intimate citizenship, has become an important field of inquiry across a number of disciplines. How have transformations in citizenship in arising from social and legislative change advancing LGBT equalities initiatives impacting on these debates? What are the limitations to current conceptualisations of sexual/intimate citizenship? This seminar  explores some of the key contemporary issues that cut across citizenship studies and social and political theory more broadly, including processes of normalisation and the production of  new ‘others’,  the disciplinary requirements of citizenship (the costs of recognition) and the ways in which majorities/minorities are constructed in relation to one another.


Arrivals and coffee (12.30-13.00)

Session one (13.00-15.00)

Introductions: Diane Richardson and Janice McLaughlin (Newcastle University)

Sally Hines (University of Leeds): Gender Diversity, Recognition and Citizenship: Towards a Politics of Difference.

Julieta Vartabedian (University of Barcelona, Leverhulme Visiting Fellow, Newcastle University): Seeking Recognition: Empowered Beauty among Brazilian Travesti Sex Workers.

Michael Richardson (Newcastle University): A Case for Digital Citizenship: Men, Monsters and Everyday Terrorists.

Coffee break (15.00-15.30)

Session two (15.30-16.45)

Diane Richardson (Newcastle University): Queering Sexual Citizenship

Edmund Coleman-Fountain (University of York): Fusing the Personal and the Political: What Lesbian and Gay Youth Identities has Citizenship Made?

Discussion and close (16.45-17.00)

Reception and book launch (17.00-18.00)

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