October 8th, 2014, Young People, Privacy, Sex and Technologies (Sunderland)

Young People, Privacy, Sex and Technologies. Wednesday October 8th, 2.00-5.00 pm: St Peters Campus, Sunderland

The sexualisation of culture has been debated for more than two decades: of particular concern are the effects of sexualised imagery on children and young people and their understandings of intimacy, sexual identities and sexual practices. Media technologies have enabled the creation and sharing of explicit imagery between teenagers but parents, politicians and campaigners are worried about the attendant risks for young people, both in the present and for their futures, as kids seemingly surrender privacy in favour of participating in the new economies of self-representation. This seminar draws on research into the lived experiences of young people, exploring their understandings of identity, intimacy, body image, sex and desire to ask what are the challenges for media, and sex, education in the age of the selfie, sexting and self-revelation.


Kath Albury (University of New South Wales)
Feona Attwood (University of Middlesex)
Clare Bale (Clare Bale Consultancy Ltd)
Max Morris (University of Durham)

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